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Here we will be "Spotlighting" the latest photographic events related to ProPhotos by Brian Photography.  As a new event comes into Spotlight the old event will be archived. It may very well return to the spotlight in the future as we intend to showcase some older "archived" events to let everyone enjoy and relive the moment.

A Photo To Share... From Hannah & Paul's wedding.

September 2014 "Photo of the Month":  The Lone Coyote

Paul & Hannah's Wedding Day Photo "Sneak Peek"

Berryton, KS

Ben & Shelby's Wedding Day Photo "Sneak Peek"

Prairiewood Retreat | Manhattan, KS

Composition:  What is it?


Composition – The arrangement into specific proportion or relation and especially into artistic form. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). 


I bring this up this week to make notice to what or how a true wedding photojournalist makes or captures an image.  The below image is from Nicolette and David’s wedding this past Saturday.  To start, what is the subject of the photo?  You might be saying the bride & groom, but it’s not.  The subject is the relationship of the wedding cake to the bride & groom along with the bride & groom’s glasses in the lower left corner to the relationship of the wedding cake.  The glass blow on the lower right is giving detail to an otherwise dead corner of blackness.  Now, I must admit that I did not capture this photo.  The photo was capture by Doris down on the floor in front of the wedding cake table, shooting up.  Nothing in the photo was prearranged.  I just simply asked Nicolette and David to kiss.  A true wedding photojournalist will look for the photo and capture it live while the event is taking place without posing or interrupting the moment to rearrange items. Letting the event flow normally, capturing the moments, without being in the way.

August 2014 "Photo of the Month":  Beaver Lake, Grand Teton National Park

The Cake Cutting Event at Weddings Can Make For Some Nice Photos. This Image is from Sarah & Ricardo's wedding Saturday night.  

Derek & Abby's Wedding Photo "Sneak Peek"

Danforth Chappel | Lawrence, KS

" A Romantic Wedding Photo"


I was cleaning up some files earlier today and came across this image from Amanda & David's wedding last year and it really got my eye as being such a nice romantic shot on a wedding day.  So often weddings become so hurry, hurry with the bride & grooms not thinking about allowing time for such nice moments to be captured.  This image was photographed during what we like to call our "Bride & Groom Romantic Photo Session".  We try hard to work this session time into each and every wedding we photograph.  It is made up of Doris, myself and the bride and groom only, no one else is allow to be at this session.  This gives us a small moment of time in the wedding day to be with just the bride and groom without a 100 plus eyes looking upon. This lets the bride and groom be with each other, and us to photograph.